27 Lowercase chalkboard Letters a - z Print

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Used in combination with the Sandpaper letters which help the child master the movement/motion necessary for reproducing the shape of the letters, this material prepares the muscular mechanisms required for handling, manipulating and controlling the writing instrument. This affords the child the opportunity to complete the same movements first without and then with the writing instrument - in this case chalk.

The chalkboard letters are great for:

  • Extending and reinforcing the movements/motion the child needs for effective writing.
  • Providing the child with more opportunities to practice writing.
  • Providing beginner writers with more opportunities to reinforce letter sound relationships.




  • In built control of error
  • The surface is writable and erasable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 26 letters on a 5 in x 7 in board.
  • 1 blank  

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